Monday, October 24, 2011


What inspires you? Afer browsing around on pinterest I have noticed that different things inspire different people to lose weight and stay fit. I tend to agree with some and totally disagree with others.

For instance, instead of finding this phrase inspirational, I find it offensive.

Well of course I am not a dog. But food is a necessary AND joyful part of life. I believe there is a way to enjoy food and be healthy and fit at the same time. Giving myself a treat does not equate me to a dog. Also I find this "inspiration" negative. And I prefer to keep my inspiration surrounded with positive energy.

This picture has been making the rounds on Facebook and Pinterest as well.

I HATE IT. I have seen it used as inspiration and humor and I find it neither. Why do you need to insult yourself every time you go to the refrigerator? You HAVE to eat at some point during the day. Giving yourself a guilt trip every time you do is just bad juju. Let's be positive and love ourselves even at our fattest. Then lets remember the good reasons why we want to get healthy and start working on getting there.

I tend to find my inspiration in the everyday normal rather than the unattainable. OK, I said that, then I realized the next picture I was going to post was going to be of a celebrity. So may that's not SO attainable. But I love Kelly Osbourne and love her story of getting thin and BEAUTIFUL.

I also love this type of motivation. I go on to my pinterest board daily and remind myself of this everytime I get frustrated about not seeing result.

...And this type of inspiration. I know I have the power to accomplish anything!

...And this type of inspiration. Because I KNOW I don't look pretty after (or on my way to) a good workout.

So I'll ask the question again. What inspires you?


  1. I think rewarding myself with food is a great idea, so no, I don't like that sign at all. I'm currently using an app called Tap and Track to help myself lose weight, and when I exercise, I can enter that into the app and it gives me more calories. So exercise=MORE FOOD. And I can tell you, I have NEVER in my life been so consistently motivated to exercise! If I know that exercising means I can eat more snacks and still lose weight, I WANT to exercise. It's amazing!

  2. I like this post. This is what I have been asking myself for the last two weeks. I don't have an answer, hence no post.