Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hi, I'm Bob

Well I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna make the first post. Come on Joe, step up your blogging game. ;)

Let me introduce myself. I'm Aubrey. Some people (only Jen) call me Bob. Bob came about because when working at Wherehouse Music back in the olden days when I was in my early 20's. I always used to say "Why it's Wyatt!" whenever I saw my coworker Wyatt. My BFF Joey G Glitterati (Jen) took it a step further and would say "Bob it's Bobrey" whenever she saw me at work. Writing it down in a blog makes it seem not nearly as funny as when it happened. But alas, it happened and here we are nearly 10 years later still calling each other Bob and Joe. We are older now, one of us has kids, and we are both possibly slightly more mature.

We are also a little fat. I don't say it to be mean! I believe that someone can be beautiful at any size. But my clothes don't fit anymore and I don't have enough money to buy new clothes. Also, Jen just had a baby, so she has a great excuse for having some extra weight on her. But I have no baby (except my fooooood babay) so the truth is just that I am in my 30's and I eat more than I should. I hate eating most fruits and vegetables on a regular basis and I love sugar.

My goal for this blog is threefold. 1. To keep a journal of my food and fitness successes and failures. B. To keep in better touch with Jen and give each other support. Side Note - If you want to be a contributor to our blog and join in our food and fitness fun, let us know! The more the merrier and motivating. Finally: To have fun! Get Fit! and Eat (healthy) Food!

And because I believe all blog entries should have pictures attached to them to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Please enjoy this picture of what may be the most delicious looking sandwich ever.

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  1. I'm so happy right now :) I'd forgotten about Wyatt. Didn't he get fired for drugs or stealing or something? I will get on my game and post.You are neat.

  2. So I was going to say you are meat, but I thought people would judge us. Ya. My head isn't right. If they are going to judge us it will be because we are 1. fat 2. call each other bob and joe or 3. because of our stick figures alone. SOOOOOOOO. You are Meat!!!

  3. Everyone loves the stick figures! And in these days of autocorrect everyone should also understand how and inside joke of calling one another "meat" could come about. I can't wait to see you post!