Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Obstacles and Excuses - Portion Control

I love to eat. LOVE IT. Seriously you guys. I love it. Remember how last week my goal was to track? Well I did it. I achieved my goal. I succesfully tracked myself eating almost 1,000 calories a day over my calorie goal. I found I made an exception for everything. Tuesday night was happy hour with friends so it was ok for me to have a few drinks and TONS of chips and salsa along with a monster taco salad. Wednesday night was family night at Vertuccio farms and of course we had to go to Costa Vida aferwards and of course I had to eat the whole salad with the creamy ranch dressing. The whole week was filled with food food food. And each time I found an excuse as to why it was ok for me to overeat just. this. once. The sad part is, this was a typical week for me. There is always fun stuff going on and it almost always revolves around food.

So, new goal for the week. As of today, I will track everything I eat again this week. BUT, my goal is to also stay within my 1500 calorie limit. FOR ONE WHOLE WEEK. Eek! Did I want to take it back as soon as I wrote it down? YES! But I can't. It's out there in blog land now.

I can already see a few obstacles in my way. For instance, this weekend is a cabin trip with some friends. I am sure there will be chips, candy, burgers, and all sorts of other unhealthy things available to eat. But it will still be possible. Right? I'll make it in to a game find the lowest calorie cabin goodies available.

Coming soon - I'll be putting up my weight and weight loss goals along with pictures as soon as I find someone to take my picture.