Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hi, I'm Joe!

Hi, my name is Jennie.  My bff is Aubrey/Bob and I am so happy to be writing this blog with Bob.  She is my hero and inspiration.  Who wouldn't love her?  For example, her last inspiration post was awesome and one good reason I love her.

So where did the nickname "joe" come from?  After high school I had a friend that knew way too many Jen's, Jennifers, Jenny's, and Jennie's so she decided to call me Joey because I liked Joey from N'Sync AND Joey from NKOTB (why? Because I'm awesome.) Moving on, when I started my job at the music store where I met  Bob there was already a Jen that worked there and they asked me if I had any nicknames. I told them Joey and then for about 5 years (minus 18 months where I was called Sister Argyle) EVERYONE I knew called me Joey.  I miss it.

So that was fun. Now onto Food and Fitness!

I thought this would be a semi cheesy blog where we would just post updates on weight and crap and then Bob had to get all deep on me :)  I really needed that.  That really is why we are doing this.  Her posts have really made me think the last couple of weeks.  What are my weaknesses?  Why do I never succeed in dieting?  But I am getting ahead of myself.

She mentioned I have been pregnant the last nine months so I have an excuse for my weight loss desires.  Well to be perfectly honest when I am pregnant the Gods smile upon me and I shed pounds.  That's right. So after I had my first bebe I was 20 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant.  With my second, it was 30.  It has been the only time in my WHOLE life where I have gotten to buy cute clothes.  With my second it was the first time in 10+ years I got to buy a size large instead of xl, or xxl (or worse.) Sure it was a maternity large, but still a size large and I loved it.  But as soon as baby comes the weight just piles back on.  My boy is 6 weeks and I've already gained 10 pounds back.  It is devastating.  I am terrified of all of it coming back on.

So I will start working.  I will commit.  I haven't posted anything yet because I knew if I did I couldn't take it back.  I'm terrified to start dieting again.  My biggest weakness? Myself.  Already in my head I tell myself I will fail at this. Why?  Because I have never been successful in reaching ANY of my dieting goals.  Dumb right?  But I tell myself that none the less.  I will try not too.  AND I will not be mad or defeated when I do have set backs, because I will.

Why do I never succeed in dieting?  I am still not entirely sure.  Probably a slew of tiny excuses that add up.  For example, I now have 2 kids!  How on earth am I supposed to get out the door with both of them and walk?  I don't even shower everyday! I couldn't even find the time to BLOG about how I am going to start walking let alone actually leave my house and do it.  Or it's getting to cold to take my 6 week old anywhere, or there is no way my 2 year old will stay in the stroller and I couldn't possibly ask my neighbors/friends/family for help.  Actually typing these excuses make me feel silly.  They sound so dumb. But like I said, I am my biggest weakness.  Self sabotage is what I do best.  

I really want to do this.  Here is my goal time, I am going to put it all out there.  I currently weigh 210.  My short term goal is by November 13th to have lost 6 pounds.

There it is in black and white.  So if you see me ask me about it. Make me accountable.

How is that for all mug-shotty.
My long term goal would be to lose 80 pounds.

To accomplish this I will make several changes.  In my mind, even I don't reach my goal, but stick to these changes I will consider myself successful.  I will drink at least 4 glasses of water tomorrow. (I never drink water, ever.) I will eat only recommended portions and have NO halloween candy. I will eat a vegetable everyday.  Even as I type that I want to take it back because my mouth just started watering. And I will get my butt out of the house and go for a walk.

If you want to join in the fun and contribute to our bloggy blog please let Bob or I know and we will hook you up!

Peace out.
(I am giving you the peace sign right now and I just said that like a 90's rapper.)


  1. Yay!! I am so happy about this post! This is why I am glad we started this together. Because I was feeling all down and discouraged again and seeing you posted gets me all motivated. I'll text you this week and see how everything is going. I know you can accomplish those little goals and in the end it will get you closer to the bigger goal!! I need to find myself a photographer here. I took some pictures with my phone in the mirror but they just didn't turn out well. So hopefully I will have a picture post up soon too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post and I love you!!!

  2. Good luck with your goals! That's awesome. I'm trying to lose weight as well (but I know I'd never succeed if I set the goal of not eating Halloween candy, so I'm not even going to try that one! :) I'll just try to exercise enough to compensate for my candy (I'm highly motivated to exercise now, because exercising lets me eat more and still make progress).